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Fall Product Program

The Fall Product Program is a council-sponsored program that combines educational activities with money earning opportunities for the troops. The Fall Product Program is directed toward family and friends - those closest to Girl Scouting and enables troops to earn startup money by selling magazine subscriptions as well as nuts and candy.

Thank you for your support of the girls, troops and the council by purchasing or participating in the Fall Product Program!

The Fall Product Program is managed in the UNIFY system by Troops and Service Units. It is also the system used by council to order product and rewards. The Service Unit Product Program Manager will be sure the troop is provided login information. Registered girls names will be uploaded prior to the start date. Newly registered girls can be easily added as they join your troop. Use the links below to find instructions on how to use the UNIFY system.

Fall Product Program

Decision Making: A girl will help decide how her team spends their nut, chocolate and magazine money, furthering critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Money Management: A girl takes nut, chocolate and magazine orders, handles customers' money, and gains valuable and practical life skills around financial literacy.


People Skills: A girl learns how to talk to, listen to and work with all kinds of people while selling nut, chocolate and magazines. These experiences help her develop healthy relationships and conflict resolution skills that she can use throughout her life.



Business Ethics: A girl will be honest and responsible at every step of the nut, chocolate and magazine sale. Her business ethics reinforce the positive values she is developing as a Girl Scout.

Goal Setting:
Setting goals is the key to success. Troops and girls who set goals earn big. Talk about what your plans are for the fall and what the funding would be needed to make it happen. Give your girls the opportunity to fully experience Product Programming and don't skip the Goal Setting and Decision Making skill building! By leveraging all product options, the girls can discover, connect and take action to meet their troop's funding needs.

For example, in a troop with 10 girls: If each girl sells 3 magazine orders and 20 nut items, the troop earns $266!

Troop Resources
Fall Product Program
Product Offerings
How it Works

There are two ways for troops to earn proceeds:

1.    Nuts & Chocolates

  • Girls can take orders via a nut order card
  • Customers can order from the online nut and chocolate store
    • When the girls send emails there will be a link to both the Magazines and Nuts & Chocolates. Customers can purchase online and have the items directly shipped to them. Nuts and candy are paid for by credit card and shipped directly to the customer. Customers will incur a shipping fee.

2.    Magazines

  • Customers order and pay for magazines in person and online. Magazines will arrive to the customer in 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of order by vendor.
  • Keepsakes – QSP Product Line 

3.    Keepsakes

  • For Organic Veggies, Water Bottles and Tumblers: Customers order and pay for these items online. These items will arrive to the customer in 4 to 6 weeks from receive of order by vendor.

Getting Started:

  • Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of Virginia members register by clicking here
    • Girls create their avatar and set up their profile.
    • With parent/guardian permission, girls invite friends and family to shop online for both magazines and nuts & chocolates by entering their email addresses.
Troop Proceeds


Troop Proceeds

Troops earn proceeds based on the average number of items sold per girl. This amount is calculated by taking the total number of girls selling and dividing by the number of items sold. The UNIFY system will calculate this number by the number of girls that have orders in the system. Girls not participating are not part of UNIFY'S sytems calculation for what the troop earns. Online sale proceeds are calculated differently due to the variety of higher priced items available.

Older Girl Troops

Troops in grades 6-12 have the option to opt-out of the recognition plan and receive an additional 5 cents for in-person orders and an additional 5% for online orders. The decision to opt-out must be a unanimous troop decision. Troops choosing to opt-out must indicate this in the UNIFY sytem by clicking the opt-out of recognition box on the troop dashboard. This must be done by October 9 when troop orders are placed. Troops that opt-out of the recognition plan will still receive patches.

Noteworthy For All
Troops participating in the Fall Product Program will have first access to Council sponsored booth sales for the 2019 Cookie Program.

Troop proceeds from the Fall Product Program are available to troops immediately, therefore allowing troops to use their funds for fall camping and holiday service projects.




Fall Product Program Timeline

Important Dates

August 4: Start Date (all order taking begins)

October 9: Orders due in UNIFY and ACH forms due

October 25-27: Traditional deliveries 

October 26: Fredericksburg Drive-Thru delivery of nuts & chocolate

October 27:  Dunmar & Diamond Drive-Thru delivery of nuts & chocolate

November 5: Paper magazine orders due to GSCV

November 14: ACH sweep 

November 27: Online sale ends

November 29: Second chance payment ACH sweep

November 29: Troop reward order due in UNIFY 

December 15: Rewards arrive to Service Units

Product Delivery

The product orders submitted to UNIFY will be available for pick up on the following dates and locations. The Fredericksburg Expo Center (Oct. 26), Dunmar Moving in Chesterfield County ( Oct. 27), and The Diamond in Richmond (Oct 27). New this year: leaders will have the opportunity to choose the location they prefer.

Care to Share

With our council-wide Care to Share Program, Girl Scouts are able to make a difference in our community by thanking those who already make a difference through our partnership with the Central Virginia USO.

Girls who sell 5 or more items to donate qualify for a special patch.

Participation means the girls do all the selling and the council will take care of collecting and delivering the items to the USO on behalf of all girls who participated.


Thanks for your support and participation in the Fall Product Program!