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Girl Scouts at Home

We're offering fun, action and meaning for Girl Scouts at Home, and each activity is designed to use what you most likely already have on hand. Also, Girl Scouts of the USA has created additional resources for Girl Scouts at Home, including this 16-page guide for parents and caregivers.

Stories from Juliette's Garden
Lupe's Story: honest and fair
Sunny's Story: friendly and helpful
Zinni's Story: considerate and caring
Tula's Story: courageous and strong
Mari's Story: responsible for what I say and do
Gloria's Story: respect myself and others
Gerri's Story: respect authority
Clover's Story: use resources wisely
Rosie's Story: make the world a better place
Vi's Story: be a sister to every Girl Scout

Patches to earn

Lockdown patch 3 for web
The Lockdown 2020: This Moment in Time patch is designed to help girls in grades K-12 document their experience during the COVID-19 public health crisis. 
Quarantine patch image 2020
The Girl Power Can't Be Quarantined patch is designed to engage girls in grades K-12 who are practicing social distancing because of COVID-19.

Day-by-day fun

Check out these Monday-Friday activities for Girl Scouts at Home.

Virtual campfires

Step-by-Step With Salamander

Salamander temp logo

She’s back! Vice President of Program Amanda “Salamander” Porter brings maximum fun with minimum supplies during live Step-by-Step With Salamander events.

You can join the fun via our Facebook page (@comgirlscouts). Girls will have a chance to try hands-on fun with supplies easily found around the house. 

All ages from Daisies through Ambassadors are invited. If you know a girl who is not yet a Girl Scout, then please invite her to be part of the fun too. There is no charge and no need to register: Just find us on Facebook. Get ready for upcoming events using supply lists below or check out previous Step-by-Step With Salamander videos:

Fall leaf/stained-glass pressing

Amanda "Salamander" Porter shows how to make a fall leaf/stained-glass pressing using fall leaves, wax paper, old crayons, clothes iron and ironing board.

Twig string art

Amanda "Salamander" Porter demonstrates how to make cat's eye string art. Supplies needed are three twigs or sticks and string or yarn.

Pumpkin carving

Vice President of Program Amanda "Salamander" Porter demonstrates carving a pumpkin. Supplies needed are a pumpkin and carving implements.

Slime time

Vice President of Program Amanda "Salamander" Porter and her assistant, Tadpole, demonstrate how to make slime. Supplies needed are school glue, contact solution, baking soda and (optional) food coloring.

Making ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream to make ice cream! Girls will need these items: 1 pint-size resealable plastic bag; 1 gallon-size resealable plastic bag; ice cubes; 1 cup of half and half or milk or cream; 1/2 cup of salt; 2 tablespoons of sugar; 1/2 tablespoon of vanilla extract; ice cream toppings of your liking.

Lava lamp

To make a lava lamp, girls will need these items: 1 liter clear soda bottle, 1.5 cup of water, 1 bottle of vegetable oil or baby oil, Alka-Seltzer tablets and food coloring.

Maracas or rainstick

Let's make maracas or a rainstick! Supplies needed are empty toilet paper or paper towel tube; paste, tape, glue or rubber bands; craft paper, markers, magazines, stickers or other items to decorate the tube; and dry rice, beans, unpopped popcorn or small pebbles.

Paper flowers and butterflies

To make flowers and butterflies, supplies needed are white coffee filters, washable markers, water and pipe cleaners or wire of some type.

Friendship bracelet

Supplies needed are a small paper plate or a 4- to 6-inch round piece of cardboard, scissors and seven strands of yarn/string (each strand about 30 inches long).

Salt-dough project

Did you catch our Facebook Live project on Earth Day? Program Director Amanda "Salamander" Porter demonstrated a salt-dough project connected to nature. This project is great for any day and materials are simple. Girls will need to venture outside and collect a leaf, flower, stick or anything found in nature. They will also need 1.5 cups flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup water (plus up to 1/2 cup extra water, if needed), bowl, large spoon, parchment paper or aluminum foil, food coloring (optional) and drinking straws (optional).