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COVID-19 Updates

Since March of 2020 the Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of Virginia has followed the guidelines provided by the CDC to reduce the risk of members being exposed to Covid-19.  The CDC has provided guidelines for reducing risk inside of facilities and when gathering as a group.

The CDC advises that masks worn consistently and correctly continues to be the best way to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. 

When members are choosing to meet in-person please follow these guidelines, adapted from the CDC’s guidance regarding events and gatherings published in January of 2022.

Guidelines to prevent potential Covid-19 transmission when meeting in person (troop meetings, council sponsored events):

- When meeting indoors ensure members wear masks correctly and consistently.

- When meeting outdoors masks are optional.

- Encourage social distancing.

- Encourage members to cover coughs and sneezes and wash hands.

- Encourage members to stay home if they are sick or have any symptoms of COVID-19, and to get tested for COVID-19.

Best practices for meeting in person

  • Prevent crowding by encouraging social distancing.
  • Hold events outdoors, when possible.
  • Improve ventilation for indoor events.
  • Conduct routine cleaning to help maintain healthy facilities.

In the event of a positive test result or contact with someone who has tested positive, do not contact the parents or troop members. Contact a GSCV staff member and the council staff member (not volunteers) will be responsible for taking the next steps.

When troops are planning an overnight activity follow these guidelines.

Please note: International travel is not being approved at this time. Please follow all travel approval guidelines.

  • Research and follow all guidelines at your destination, including properly wearing a well-fitting mask and following the guidelines for troops meeting in person. 
  • If you will be camping outdoors members do not need to wear a mask.
  • Members do not need to wear masks while sleeping.