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Welcome to Girl Scouting

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Thu Apr 20, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Adult Training

This course lasts approximately 2 hours and  is offered by Girl Scout Volunteer Trainers.  You can expect to learn about what it means to be a Girl Scout, the core of the Girl Scout program, the basics of getting started with your troop such as holding your first parent meeting, assembling your leader file, where to access and how to apply GSCV information and resources, and how to help your girls lead their own way!  Participants are welcome to attend if you have not yet registered or completed the Girl Scouting 101 course; however, it is strongly recommended to have this done in advance.  If not, it will be required upon completion of the course.  All materials are provided for this class.  No children are allowed in this course to ensure all objectives will be covered in the 2 hours alotted.